Question How to Seperate System and Boot Partition


Sep 10, 2019
Hi guys,

I have a windows 10 installed SSD which has system and boot partitions together. On the net, I saw that, in most of the installations these partitions are seperate. I've read that its not a big deal but if I were to use dual boot or something it would be a problem. I will install linux (ubuntu probably) soon on my pc as dual boot and thought I should seperate them. But I think its impossible, is it? If impossible, would it be a problem in dual boot? Thanks in advance!

Screenshot of the drive C:
Well if you screw up during linux install you could end up with only linux booting or in the worst case nothing booting, but that's the same even if the boot is on a different disk.

What people really say is to use a different disk entirely for the second OS and even disconnect the main disk during installation of the second OS, that way both disks are individually bootable without any need for the other disk.
As soon as that is working you can then either choose a disk during boot up from the bios selector or you can change the boot menu of either or both disks to include both OSes.
if you install Windows on an new (unpartitioned) disk, you'll get separate recovery / boot / system partitions. In your case, you installed it "manually", by selecting an existing partioon for the install.

But even with separate partitions, dual-booting would be not easier. You'll still have to split the existing partition to create a space for the Linux volume, and if your disk is MBR, you might even not have enough empty slots. So, I'd follow @TerryLaze' advice, and get a separate drive for Linux. Or you can start (if this is just a learning activity) installing Linux on a (fast) USB drive, and booting it off there, or use VMs (Hyper-V, VmWare, VirtualBox) of your hardware allows forit.