[SOLVED] How to set a permanent clock on AMD RX 5700

Jul 17, 2019
I have got an RX 5700 and i want to set it at a permanent clock speed. I want to do that because i play games such as CSGO on low res, Minecraft and League of Legends which dont stress my gpu that much that it rly boosts to near its max clock speed. I am playing on a high refresh monitor and i want to get a little bit more fps by setting my GPU to a set clock speed e.g. 1650mhz. I have tried setting the minimum clock speed at 1600mhz in global wattman (radeon settings) but that didnt work.
FRTC or Chill get enabled in "Profile Graphics" of the game(s) you wish to apply it to. FRTC can also be enabled in Global Graphics, but I'd recommend not doing that since it would apply to ALL games. Simply set an upper limit (for either FRTC or Chill) and a lower limit (for Chill only) and the driver does the rest. It will downclock the GPU to maintain the target FPS you set.
I use these features in the games you listed and my card stays so cool, the fans don't even turn on.

I like/use AMD WattMan because I like the interface better (and that it's already installed and running inside the AMD driver software). In WattMan, on the left side, right under "voltage", flip the toggle from automatic to manual. While you're in there, you might as well flip the frequency toggle from % to dynamic to expose the actual performance states. (offsets are for punks) That set of 7 frequencies and corresponding voltages is exactly what the GPU will hit. No less, no more.

Once you get the hang of WattMan, you can undervolt your GPU also (assigning manual voltages that are lower than the auto values for a given frequency). Some reports I've seen suggest there's as much excess auto-voltage applied to Navi as there was to Polaris and Vega. You can get a good amount of power savings from this without sacrificing any performance.
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