How to set the timings right?


Dec 27, 2007
Okay i purchased OCZ Rev 2 4-4-4-15 2X1GB set.
Seems like this is unstable atm as they are running at 5-5-5-15 or 12 atm.
I did a memtest86 and it halted at 17% for some reason.

I did a search on the stick and found i need to up the voltage (+0.2) to get it working at the proper speeds.

Now my questions are rather very basic as i am a noob. :)

1. I went into the bios timings setting. There are several things for timings. such as
RAS TO CAS Delay timing
RAS to RAS timing
and etc
there seem to be like 5 or 6 of these.. which one should i change to meet 4-4-4-15?

2. as for the voltage upping.. do i change the ddr2 voltage?

3. the memtest before i make the above changes HALTED at 17% for no reason given, safe to assume that i got a **** set?

THanks in advance!!