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How To Set Up A New Router With Windows 10

Sometimes our old router goes bad and we need to replace it with a new one. Will you call a specialist to charge you extra every time you need to change or add a new router? Well, after reading this tutorial, there won´t be any need for that anymore. Read on, follow these simple steps and be back on line in no time; also, save some money on the way.

Step 1
Connect to your router

The key to connect is given with the router as a default password either on the router itself or somewhere in the manual or on the box. Just let your computer´s Wi-Fi detect it and connect with it.

Step 2
Open ‘Run’ Command

Right click on the windows icon at the bottom left corner of your Windows 10 screen and click on the option named ‘Run’.

Step 3
Run the CMD menu

On the Run menu that will pop up just write the three letters “CMD” in it. Once you´ve done that click on “OK” or just hit Enter.

Step 4

Once the System screen pops up simply type the words “ipconfig” in it and hit enter. This will take you to see all the data of your current router that you need to configure it.

Step 5
Take the “Default Gateway” number

The highlighted number is your “Default Getaway” and is what will give you access to your new router´s configuration menu. Take that number, it will not let you copy it, so just keep the System window open or write it down.

Step 6
Enter your router configuration screen

Type the number on your favorite browser and then hit enter.

Step 7
Enter the configuration menu

Usually, for all brands and models, the default user and password for this menu is “admin” and “admin”. If this doesn´t work, check your user´s guide or just google the model and the brand looking for this factory-default user and password.

Step 8
Choose Advanced

Click on ‘Advanced’ from the available options.

Step 9
Go to ‘Administration’ in ‘System Tools’

Scroll down on the menu that is on your left side, you will find an option named System Tools. Click on it and then click on the ‘Administration’ option of the submenu that will populate right away.

Step 10
Change your password

Once you are in the “Change Password” screen you have to write the old one (usually admin, admin) and then create the new one. Once you have created the new one, memorize it or write it down somewhere. With this password change, nobody will be able to change your settings but you.

Step 11
Login again

It will take you back to the login screen for you to enter with your new user and password. Follow this step and enter the menu screen again.

Step 12
Go to “Advanced settings”

On the left side, you will again find a menu. Click on the “Wireless” option and the “Advanced Settings” option on the submenu.

Step 13
Change connection password

Under the header with the name of “Multi SSID”, you will find your default password that is difficult to memorize and can be known by others. Change it with something you like and is easy to memorize for you and then save the changes.

Step 14
Go to the “Settings” menu on your Windows 10

Open the start menu on your computer and then click on “Settings”.

Step 15
Go to “Network & Internet”

Once the Settings menu pops up, you will have to go to the “Network & Internet” option in it to access the router settings.

Step 16
Manage Wi-Fi settings

Click on the option “Wi-Fi” that is on the right top side of your screen.

Step 17
Go to ‘Manage known Networks’

Click the option ‘Manage Known Networks’.

Step 18
Forget your current network configuration

Click on the router you are currently using and forget your connection so you can connect again with the new password you have created for it.

Step 19
Connect to your router

Using your new password simply connect to your new router and enjoy your internet connection.

With these simple steps you will save money and some precious time of not waiting for a specialist to come in your aid.
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