How to set up a second router for Comcast internet


Dec 13, 2016
There is a main house and a guest house about 1000 feet apart. Comcast is hard wired into both houses (same account). There is only internet service (no phone or cable TV). I rent the guest house and need wireless internet. Right now there is a cable coming out of the wall with what appears to be a coax thing at one end and an Ethernet thing at the other end, which I can plug into my laptop. (I hope this makes sense, I'm not very technical.) I know there is a modem/router in the main house but I don't have access to it. How do I install a wireless router in the guesthouse that won't interfere with whatever is going on in the main house? Thank you!
A few options:

1. Buy a second comcast account for the guess house. This will be the easiest.
2. If you are not crossing public lands, you can "extend" WIFI via line-of-sight antennas. U not technical, need a contractor. The guest house will share the bandwidth of the main.
3. Lay a fiber cable between the 2, if you already have easy access to an underground conduit.

The Paladin

1. if the network cable they provided plugs into your Pc and provides you with internet then it is a live wire which is good news (yes see 2. no? see 10.)
2. the buildings are 1000Ft apart, if you setup an AP wireless router to this connection you will be able to extend their network yes. and have wireless in your guest house (Wi-Fi doesn't get generally past 400 ft.) of course you can set your router in ap mode to be any wireless name because the signals are not going to interfere with each other.

10. see what jsmithepa said about getting additional account installed in guest house.

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