Question How to setup a rack server for a complete noob?


Nov 29, 2017
Hello, I am a PC building enthusiast that is looking to expand my knowledge and horizons.

I have a aquired a lot of serverware. Proliants, Prodesks, switches, server rack. It all seems so daunting and a whole new playing field for me. Hardware is the same, but the workings of it seems like its poorly documented for a laymen like myself.
I want to practice running a server mainly for personal purposes. I currently have a Truenas Set up to transfer my media between a network of computers, but that isn't ideal when I need to transfer and download simultaneously.
I also need a server to run a modded minecraft, I want to use a rack server for it's RAM capacity in hopes it can handle a large player load with mods.

The questions I ask are these:
  1. First, where do I go to learn more about all things server hardware related. Tom's hardware? Other forums? I've tried googling and youtubing everything but my algorithm is all messed up, they don't teach anything, just show off the hardware and why I should buy one.
  2. How do I install operating systems and which ones? Apparantly there is Server OS' and things of such, I did not know that.
  3. Does my idea of using a server rack make sense for the purpsoes I have?
  4. I see a lot of mentions of VMs, I understand their purpose and applications, where do I learn about these and how to apply these for home use?


Mar 16, 2013
Until you get in to the corporate realm, a "server" is mostly just software.
Can be done on just about any "PC".

Beyond that, you get into redundant PSUs, load balancing, fail over, heavy duty HVAC, noise suppression...

Does my idea of using a server rack make sense for the purpsoes I have?
My little 4 bay QNAP NAS with its 85TB in or attached can do all you're looking for and more.
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