Question How to Setup NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750


Apr 3, 2014
I just purchased the NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 and need help setting it up. I've in the past been able to Bridge the connection with Comcast but it seems much different for AT&T. I do see the option for IP Pass through, but do not want to screw anything up. I currently have AT&T 1000 Fiber, and my current Gateway is ARRIS - BGW210-700.

Can anyone either provide me with accurate instructions to follow, or assist with the setup?
What is your goal with the netgear to get better wifi coverage or is there some software feature you want to use on the router.

If it is just wifi I would run the netgear as a AP and let the ATT box do the rest.

If you want to run it as a router can you tolerate having 2 NAT. This mostly is a game console issue. What you can do is plug the wan port into the arris and assign is a static IP that works on the arris. You can then use the DMZ option in the arris box to point the traffic to the netgear static ip. You will want to be sure to disable the wifi radios on the arris box also.....although it technically will work you will have local file sharing issues.

ATT tends to be jerks many times when it comes to not using there devices. Partially this is because they indirectly want to force you to use their bundled phone and tv services that use their modem/routers. Many you can not actually put in bridge mode, even boxes that have the feature they have special firmware that makes it so you can not access the option.

Not sure you might be able to put the device in bridge mode and the use PPPoE or whatever to get it to work. From dealing with att in the past they tend to force you to have their hardware in your house even when it is simple DSL connection. Yours is sorta fiber so that makes it harder.