How to setup Quadri Screen for my PC? Need Advice for buying Graphic C


Jul 13, 2009
Hi i currently have a dual screen setup for my pc.

pc specs:

Intel: Q6600 2.4ghz
Memory: 4 gig
Motherboard: P5KC from ASUS
1 Graphic Card for now: Leadtek NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT WINFAST link:

Operating System: VISTA Ultimate

Display 1: samsung Syncmaster 223bw
Display 2: Cibox 19'


So that is my setup for now, it works great with dual screen. I need one more screen or perhaps 2 more.

I was wondering if i could just by another dual monitor graphic card (i guess a geforce) but not forcibly with the same specifications as the one i currently have.

Is this posssible? would it work if i have 2 different graphics card on my motherboard for 3 or 4 screen setup?

here is a list of the potential card im interested in, i am not looking for gaming or super very high performance, im looking for cards with price tags up to 60 euros.

thank a bunch
Yes, you can combine 2 Nvidia cards, even if different.
The second slot runs x4 speed, while the first slot runs at x16 speed.
I wouldn't recommend it for gaming. It should be okay for internet searching with 4 monitors. You probably want a powerful card like the Nvidia 9800 GT for dual monitors.
Tell us about your power supply. You may need a new one.



Jul 13, 2009
Hi evonugg,

thank you for your reply :p,

well yeah, im not really doing gaming on my pc, i do internet, and some web design basically (photoshop, illustrator etc.)

So yeah i forgot about the power supply, the one installed on my pc is a HKC 430 watts;

Do you think it is enough? if not i have a spare on at 480 watts (but lazy to install it :)

I was looking at this card:

>>> Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS 256 Mo GDDR2

tell me what you think.

thank you!!!



Apr 17, 2009
8400gs is a good card and barely uses any watts, just makesure to get one with a fan, those suckers can run hot, your power supply would more than cover it, you could even get away with less the main card does all the thinking, heck my secondary card is a x1550