Question How to stop AMD manager from accessing the internet?

Mar 14, 2022
So, the thing is that I have 10 year old laptop. And everything worked fine until 2017-18 maybe. I have the latest drivers but sometimes AMD tells me that the new ones are available (even though they don't make any new ones for A10-4600M), so when I try to install them - he's like "Oops, your PC doesnt support these drivers" and goes back to the previous version.
It's really frustrating because AMD manager does it on his own sometimes! Just because I turn off-on the computer - he thinks that it's a good time to install those incompatible drivers.
And I tried to uncheck the 'check for the new drivers and download them' box. But it's appearing back again and again.

I think the only way to prevent this is to forbid the internet access to the manager.

And yeah, I had to reinstall windows today, cause amdkmpfd.sys file was corrupted during one of those "installs". I couldn't even boot into the safe mode.