Question How to stop and cancel a print job once started?


May 11, 2008
I'm using a Canon LBP2900 laser printer but the issue is really with printers in general, including the HP printer I used earlier. My OS is Windows 7.

I'm rather absent-minded and occasionally start a print job without specifying the correct parameters. One example is when I want to print only one page from a multi-page document but start printing the whole document.

I pause the job in mid-print or I've loaded only one sheet and the printer warns me that it's run out of paper. The "Cancel job" button is greyed out and doesn't work. In Devices and Printers the document is no longer listed and cannot be selected for cancellation. 'Cancel all jobs' has no effect. Neither does turning the printer off and on. The out-of-paper light just keeps flashing when the printer comes back on. Task Manager doesn't show any running print job. Ending the spool process doesn't work either.

The only thing I can think of is to feed more paper and finish the print process, including pages I don't need. I think I solved the problem before but can't be sure and I sure don't remember how. Any advice please?


We use a group of all in one Brother printers, so it's likely no help at all to know that either hitting the red/stop button or opening the printer queue and cancelling both work. It is of note that in order for that to work the computer the print job came from HAS to have the Brother drivers and software (portal thingy) loaded.

I can utilize these printers on the LAN (and in some cases from the WAN on a phone app) from devices that don't have that software suite installed but the behavior in those cases is much like what you describe.