Question How to stop flickering LED Panels?

Jan 28, 2020
I am using quite an old Display so I know it is broken, however I need to fix this issue as I cannot get another display for now as I blew all my money on a graphics card. The issue isn't so much that I need a new display right now, but rather that it is very distracting and annoying. Simply what happens in the left bottom corner of the screen flickers or dims out for a split second constantly, or flickers in brightness I don't know a way to put it. It definitely is not my graphics card as it also happens on the tv (I went into on-board apps such as Media player and it still does it) and I tried doing many things such as uninstalling GPU drivers, rolling back, changing HDMI ports, etc. However if I switch sometimes the modes sometimes from entertain to standard it stops but then persists after a few minutes. I don't know if it is time to purchase a brand new display or if there is a way to fix it. Any other questions about it I will gladly answer. My display is 768p60hz and the model is a Samsung HD4000RW Thanks!



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