How to stream audio from phone to pc


Apr 10, 2018
I got a new phone and thought to use my old one for music. I realised the best way of doing that would be to connect it to my pc audio output, and it would be insanely convenient compared to running itunes on a monitor for music because of the touchscreen.

I tried a program called airfoil thinking it might work if my pc was connected to ethernet on the same source as the wifi for my phone but didnt work, might be also cuz my wifi is the same for the whole building so its not like home wifi.

Basically, is there a way to stream audio via usb to my pc since I don't have bluetooth or wifi? Ideally in a program in my taskbar tray so I can use eartrumpet to mess with the volume.

Running windows 11 and an iPhone 7.


Something like this:

(You may need to get a bluetooth adapter for the PC. The iPhone should have it.

May not be an immediate and direct solution but should provide some leads that will help with making it work.

On a PC you can control the volume by clicking the small speaker icon usually located in the lower right screen corner.

Single left click to show a volume slider. No need for another Taskbar program/app.
As stated grab a little 10-20 dollar Bluetooth adapter and see if you can Bluetooth it. Or you may see if they have a Thunderbolt to 3.5 jack to hook up. Realistically though if you can do that, bypass the PC and go to a sound bar or if you’ve got an older stereo with a cassette deck they used to have the cassette adapters to a 3.5 inch jack for cars you might be able to rig something:)

Or with an older stereo this might do it.