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How To Take A Screenshot On A Macbook Pro

There are many times in which we need to take screenshots and record the screen of our computer. The new OS by Mac, Mojave, just made it way easier than before. Read on and follow these simple steps to master the art of screenshots and screen recording.

Step 1
Bring up the screenshot bar on your screen

This is a new addition to the Mojave OS that will allow you to operate from a minimal menu what you can do with your screenshots. To bring up that menu, you need to press Shift + Command + 5.

Step 2
Take a screenshot of the entire screen

The first option on your screenshot bar is going to be capture the entire screen. The cursor will turn into a little camera. You can simply click anywhere on the screen click on the last button of the bar under the name of “Capture”. Either of those actions will take a photo at the entire screen.

Step 3
Capture the content of a window

This option will take a screenshot only of the window you have selected leaving all the rest out. Just click on the desired window and the app will do the rest.

Step 4
Capture a selection of your screen

Your cursor will allow you to select a personalized section of your screen and take a screenshot of whatever is going on inside of it. Select the portion and then click on “capture”.

Step 5
Record your entire screen

Everything you can see on the screen will be recorded with the addition of the audio. This is another addition to the Mojave OS that wasn´t available in previous versions.

Step 6
Record a selection of your screen

Again, you will be able to draw a recording zone of your screen and then click on record to capture it on audio and video.

Step 7
Bring up the capture options menu

Clicking on the “Options” button of your screenshot bar you will find a drop-down menu with all the available options for photos and videos. You can choose where to store it and plenty more. If you click on the “Options” button while on the video feature, options will change and will allow you to choose other things like audio on or off and from which source.

Taking screenshots is very useful and recording the screen can be even more useful still. The Mojave OS from Mac just made it all easier.
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