How to tell a bad mobo?


Jul 23, 2009
I think I may have a bad motherboard on my hands but im not sure how to be positive. Ive got a gigabyte ga-880gma-ud2h with a phenom II 3.2 ghz chip in there. windows 7 64 bit home premium, using the onboard graphics ati hd4250. basically the system would artifact and freeze in windows and need to be rebooted. from there i would get an error code about overclocking but i havent been overclocking the system. i set the bios to defaults and would still get it. thought it was the memory so i ran memtest+. i would get errors right away starting memtest so i switched out the ram with ram that passed on another working machine but that memory gave me errors too. so i took the modules from the glitching unit and tested it in my working pc and no errors. so i figure this is a bad mobo? can anyone give me some more information? thank you.
Did you manually set your ram timings, speed, and voltage? Auto doesn't always work right especially in DDR2 boards.

For instance if you have high performance 2.0-2.2v ram and your using auto which sets it to 1.8v, your going to have all kinds of problems.

There's a little sticker on your dimms that tells you the voltage, timings and speed it's designed to run at. Make sure that's what it's set to in bios.