Question How to tell if my mobo is bricked after it stopped working when I upgraded CPU?

Jan 17, 2023
Recently I upgraded my amd ryzen 3 1300x to an amd ryzen 5 5600x
My motherboard is a b450m ds3h and my gpu is a 780ti
Before I upgraded the CPU. I installed the latest bios on my pc (f63). I rebooted the pc and opened an app called cpu-z to double check that the bios installation was successful. It was f63

After upgrading the cpu, my pc stopped working. The motherboard has the regular bios bootup beep as usual, but when the pc turns on, it has no display, and won't turn off when I hold down the power button (the same one I used to turn on the pc.). I have to use the switch on the PSU. I believe this means my bios has crashed/frozen on startup but I'm not fully sure.

I've swapped back to the old CPU and I'm getting the same issue (even tho the pc worked perfectly with the old CPU right before the upgrade) so I don't think it's a cpu issue. I've also reseated cables, Including the ram and GPU and other various cables on the mobo to no avail.

I reset the cmos using the 2 pins and reset the cmos by removing the battery for an hour to no avail either

The most interesting part is what happens to the bios iniation beep when I tinker with storage drives.
I have 3 storage drives on the pc , an SSD which has windows on it and 2 hard drives.

When I remove the SSD and leave the hard drives plugged in. The bios startup beep happens as normal and the pc turns on, but still in the broken state I described

When I leave the SSD in but take out the hard drives, the bios does not beep at all, just staying dead silent on bootup

When I remove all 3 drives, the bios does not beep on bootup

And of course, when all 3 drives are left in, the bios does the regular beep on bootup.

I don't know if either a storage drive or the motherboard is causing this problem so I'd really appreciate if someone with more technical knowledge could help me here. I'm also concerned I may have bricked the motherboard so I have to ask aswell, are these common signs of a bricked motherboard? Thank you very much for any help you all have to offer.