How to tell if my Pc is compatible with a card I want to buy.

Give us a hint... Do you have a mac? Are you running linux? Something else?
Just joking.

1) do you have a pci-e slot?
2) Does your psu have a 6 pin pci-e connector?
3) Will a 8.5" long card fit?
You will need a yes to all three questions.


Aug 16, 2009

I assume pci-e is that white rectangular slot in the area of my PC where cards would go. (from my limited view about 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches long) I have that. I know VERY VERY little about computers so am going to have to check for the seccond one (in my PC and on google), and 8.5 inches should fit (bow chick bow wow). Now another question, I am looking into playing games like Hitman blood money, and Call of Duty World at War. Will this card be good enough for those games and similar ones, or will I need somthing better? I have no idea and am for the 1st time in my life trying to have a gamning capeable PC. Thanks.
How good do you want your gaming to be? Read this article:

The tests were done with a E8400(3.0). A GTX250 is equivalent to a 8900GTX.
You will need to know the resolution of your monitor.

You probably have a pre built PC from dell, HP, etc. What is it? The cpu needs to be decently capable.
The white slot is probably a pci-e slot. ...good.

The power supply unit needs to be strong enough to handle the vga card that you add. Most pre-built PC's do not have a PSU stronger than what was needed for the original configuration. Every psu has a spec label. we are looking for the amperage on the combined 12v rail/s.