How to test if onboard sound hardware works?


May 18, 2012
Is there a specific way to check if the onboard sound HARDWARE on a Mobo is broken? Just built a system with an Asus p8z88-v-pro mobo. Everything is working fine except when i plug speakers and/or headphones to the line out port or the front jack in my Haf 922 there is no sound. Nor is there any sound from any port. Checked all the normal things: Music is not muted. Correct outputs selected. (tried line out in back as well as front atapi). Display on speaker volume show music is playing. All volume raised up. Tried newest driver, driver in install disk, and even the latest realtek driver on their site. Device manager always says drivers and harware is working correctly but still no sound. Used realtek's HD audio manager to change settings to different outputs. Everthing on the software side and on screen thinks that music is playing fine. But there just is no sound from any port. Even installed without my Graphics card in case there was a conflict. Checked headsets and speakers to make sure they arent working. Tried both HD and AC97 connections. Ensured audio enabled in bios. All connections on to mobo secure and correct. At this point would it be correct to assume the hardware is not working?
"At this point would it be correct to assume the hardware is not working? "

Sure sounds like defective hardware to me. You've done all the correct troubleshooting.

The only think I can think of, is burning a linux live CD (Ubuntu is easy) and see if that gets a different response from your hardware. You don't need to install linux, just run it from the cd.