Question How to test Samsung SM951?


Apr 22, 2013
The storage device is called Samsung SM951 MZHPV512HDGL 512GB.

For the last month when booting up my PC I see a message that my SSD drive is about to fail. Once I press F1 it proceeds to BIOS and then I go to Windows without any problems.

I installed Samsung Magician, but surprisingly the SSD is not supported. Then I installed Hard Disc Sentinel and it shows the health of the drive to be 0% based on Failure Predicted - Attribute: 173 Wear Leveling Count. It had lifetime writes of 7.41 TB.

However, I am not experiencing any problems and the drive appears to still be very fast, which is why I am not convinced that the drive is about to fail. At the same time I don't want to be afraid of the drive failing any moment.

Is there any reliable way to test the drive to see if it is about to fail or not? Anyone experienced in this area?
What is the current value & worst value of your levelling count?
How long have you had the SSD?

Wear Levelling Count:
Number of erase/program cycles per block on average. This attribute is intended to be an indicator of imminent wear-out. Normalized Equation: 100 – ( 100 * Average Erase Count / NAND max rated number of erase cycles)
It's in effect an indicator as to how much you've been reading/writing to the drive, and yours is incredibly high...
7 TB would be about a typical year of OS drive/Win10 operation, operating a few hours per day, a couple creators updates, installation of a variety of utilities, one or two big games, etc...

Was the drive used, or, is it about a year old?