Question How to test whether or not my AT&T Fiber BGW210-700 router is faulty ?


Nov 11, 2020
I use AT&T fiber 1 gbps speed through a 2 year-old BGW210-700. This then has outputs to ports in various rooms in my home. From one of those ports I have a Cat6 to my gaming desktop computer.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed terrible lag between my client and the server of an online game I play. It is constant and happens on various servers I connect to. I downloaded WinMTR and tried just and I get 0% loss until it gets to sent / received = ~100. Then it just gets worse and worse, leveling off to around 60% loss.

My internet speed is still showing ~950 Mbps but it seems like I'm just losing information. I'm sorry I'm not a networking professional and I don't know what else to do, hoping someone can give me a suggestion for another tool to figure out if it's really the BGW210-700 that is faulty so I can make my ISP replace it?
winmtr is not a very good tool you have to actually understand what the tool is testing. It is more of a automated way to do a test but it is very easy to see problems that are not actually problems.
The key one is routers in the path can be set to either ignore ping/trace traffic and give it lower priority if they are busy transferring other data. This is to avoid using ping as a denial of service attack against a internet router.

You are best off doing this manually.
Start with the standard leave a constant ping run to If you do not see loss or very large latency spikes here you have a very different issue that might not be a actual network problem.

If you do see a issue here then you can try ping to the router IP and ping first ISP router. Generally this is hop 2 in a trace.
You can test other nodes but it much harder to get them fixed because it might not be in your network.

If it is hop 2 in the trace the ISP should be able also test it. It is not likely the router but it could be. If that one is like the newer router it has massive amounts of information about the status of the fiber connection.