How to transfer files from one computer to another using ethernet cable

Use a usb flash drive or an external drive to transfer files between machines, otherwise network the two computers together.

In order to use a network you need to:

1. Make sure your computers are connected to the same router or switch. If you have neither of these, use a crossover cable to connect the computers directlly to each other.

2. Make sure both computers are in the same workgroup.

3. Make sure both computers have IP addresses on the same subnet.

4. Make sure file and printer sharing is turned on for both computers.


May 21, 2012
First you need to have Windows Easy Transfer in order to transfer your files using an Ethernet cable. This free software allows you to save all your data in standard locations but you can also select custom folders and directories.

But you need to find the software that is applicable to your situation, a listing of the download links can be found here:

I myself did this before and it is very easy to use. I used the Windows XP(64 bit) to my Windows 7 laptop.


Feb 16, 2010
Just gonna post the exact same thing as i posted in the other guy's thread.

I have never had a problem connecting my laptop and desktop directly with a standard ethernet cable. I do it a lot if I have to transfer large files, because its faster than running it through my router/switch. I think it depends on your network adapter though, this is straight from microsofts website:

"Before buying a crossover cable, check your network adapter. Some newer network adapters automatically "cross over" when they detect that they are connected directly to another network adapter using a regular Ethernet cable."

hope this helps

Jake Luttrell

Mar 14, 2013
This explanation looks much longer and harder than it is, soory for the way its type but there are only like 6 steps or 7, very easy.
My way you don't need internet at all just a Ethernet cable and two computers with files wanted to live elsewhere and extremely fast 14 to 15mb per second.

First go into your Network and Sharing center and make sure all of the options for sharing are enabled on both computers, then on the computer that has the files, go into where the file location is and then right click it and choose "Share With" then click "Specific people", at the top is a drop bar click it and choose "Everyone" then when its there click the Add button, then choose "Read/Write" in the drop bar, it initially will say just "Read". Now your file will show up in the proper folder when you chose that computer later. Make sure you do this step with each file you wanna share.

This is the important part cause in the end you can turn this function on or off if you decide you don't wanna be sharing anymore.

VISTA. Go into Network and Sharing center and at the bottom disable "Password Protected Sharing".
7. Go to the same area Network and Sharing and on the left "Advanced Sharing Setting" click and find the Less word Protected Sharing option and disable.

Now hook up both computers directly to each other with the Ethernet cable and wait for the receiving computer to recognize the connection. Now go and disconnect your receiving computers "WiFi" connection and make sure after that your still connected to your computer however, you should still be connected, so then after the connection is off it will only receive connection from your sending computer, then inside network and sharing click on the left option Computers and Devices. Click the name of your computer that's sending and just click the appropriate folders idk where you save your stuff so just go through the folders and choose the file you "shared with everyone" and copy and paste it to the folder you choose.

Now it should be transferring faster than 10mbs, if its not and its only going like 500-800kbs then that means both computers aren't using the manual Ethernet connection and trying to do it through WiFi but thats why you have to shut the WiFi off or disconnect from the WiFi network on the receiving computer cause it makes a DRASTIC difference.


Sep 7, 2013
You must have a working Ethernet cable.
1. Connect the computers with the cable.
2. Using the computer that you want to transfer the files to, Click the start Btn and then go to Computer(My computer) Here you will see all the available disks on this computer
3. Right click in the space below these partitions if any! you will have the options and select ad ADD A NETWORK LOCATION
4. Go next and highlight choose a custom network location and next
5. Now locate the disk or folder by clicking browse.This folder or disk on the network most possibly find the name of the computer you want to transfer files from
after that then go OK AND THEN NEXT
6.Give your network drive a name and then finish accordingly

Note: It may take a minute or two to locate drives on the other computer so be patient as the network icon trys to search for it

7. After everything then this network folder will be visible in you "My Computer" ate on the laptop you set it up on and if you have administrator rights you will transfer them by coping them and pasting them wherever u want



Aug 27, 2013



Sep 1, 2012
Is this do-able?

Take 10/100/1000 ethernet switch
Hook-up A:
1. connect laptop #1, laptop #2, and a ethernet disk drive to the ethernet switch
2. nothing else is connected. ie no router is connected to ethernet switch - nothing else is.

Hook-up B:
1. connect laptop #1 and laptop #2 to the ethernet switch
2. nothing else is connected. ie no router is connected to ethernet switch - nothing else is.

Of course connecting directly from port to port should work; BUt can it be done with ethernet switch too?
My interest is mainly in Hook-up A, where two or more local computers share same disk drive.
Purpose is to run multiple film scanners, each laptop drving a scanner and output