How to transfer my tosiba hard drive to the fat32


Jan 1, 2012
Hello, i recently bought a Toshiba 320 GB external hard drive so i can use it to back up my saved games and trophies on my ps3; and transfer them over to my new ps3. However it does not get recognized by my ps3 and I researched that i might have to convert it over to the fat32 file sstem or whatever. I do not know what this means or how to do this. Please help. I need to backup, copy and transfer all myps3 files on this hard drive and put them on my new PS3


well there should be two options. take the hard drive out of the old ps3 and put it in the new. option 2 would be to plug the hard drive into your computer, open computer in the start menu and then right click on the drive and select format. make sure nothing you want to keep is on the hard drive.

another option is to download a cloning software and plug in both the new and hold hard drives from the PS3s into a desktop computer with extra sata cords and clone them.