How to transfer pictures from windows 98 to windows vista


Feb 14, 2011
tranfering photos from windows 98 to windows vista off of old 1997 tiger computer with 2 old dusty usb ports on it how is it done

Pop a USB flash drive into one of the dusty ports and copy the files to it. You might need to find a stick which works automatically in Windows '98 without running specialist drivers. It might be safer to use a Linux OS to run as a LiveCD to go in and fish out the files.

Best option is to buy one of those IDE/SATA to USB adapters and plug the old hard drive into the new computer. This adapter will also be useful in the future when you need to replace a hard drive or even just for simple back-up. This avoids the problem of finding a USB drive that has Windows 98 drivers... which is a difficult proposition nowadays.

To use the USB on WIndows 98 you just have to format it in the FAT32 files system instead of NTFS which can still be done on windows 7 - the NTFS format is only supported in win9x by using a software program to add support so even using an external drive with such an adapter you are going to run into the same troubles if the HDD is formatted into the NTFS format (which most newer HDDs will be ) - so using a USB to IDE\SATA adapter is also going to present problems and instead using a USB thumbdrive that you format into the FAT32 format is actually easier. OR if going the adapter method you will need a program like DiskInternals (freeware) which allows read access to NTFS format drives in WIN9x (it will not write to the drive but will be able to read from it to import the pics !

EDIT : Should drink my coffee before commenting im the AM. -- actually the adapter should work fine since you are going from the old win9x HDD to the new system which will support NTFS and still supports FAT32 as well !!! - but the Formatting of the USB thumbdrive would need to be FAT32 and not NTFS if going that route since it would need to be able to be read\written by both systems !