Question How to transfer program + registration to new HD?


Aug 13, 2013
Hi, sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place...and also if this is a “dumb question.” I’m super computer illiterate, so please forgive me!

I am replacing the hard drive on my laptop with a new SSD. I have (and used regularly) version 5.1 of a program called Streaming Video Recorder and “lifetime” registration for it on my old hard drive. When I download the new version on my new hard drive, and sign in, I get a message saying my registration has “expired.” I wrote to the developer of this program about my issue, and their response was, “Sorry, that program hasn’t been updated in a long time. Use the following link to download and purchase a registration to our new version of the program.”

Obviously, I don’t want to do that, because I’ve already paid for it. I know Streaming Video Recorder itself had a few updates after my version 5.1...but is there some way I can just “carry” the program over to my new hard drive, and continue using it as I have been on the old one? If I plug the old hard drive back in, the program still runs and functions perfectly as it always has.
If I was in your situation I'd complain about the "Lifetime" part of the license, I'd demanding the money back.

When that's said, there is an open source alternative for the software you paid for - only this you don't need to pay for: