How to turn a Intel compute stick into a gaming desktop with a external gpu dock and an adapter?

Nov 22, 2020
I have some components that aren't functioning properly and I've decided more or less to start from square one. I managed to get my hands on a decent Compute stick and it got me thinking, is it possible to run an external graphics card off of one of these suckers? So I did a little looking around and found out that while the Compute stick doesnt have a mini pcie port or a NGFF like most laptops do, it does still have a USB3.0 slot. So essentially my question is this
can I put my graphics card in one of these external gpu docks they make for laptops
and use an adapter like this one
to play pc games on my 32bit win 10 quad core Atom Intel Compute Stick?
or is there going to be some compatibility issues I'm overlooking?

Rogue Leader

It's a trap!
That CPU is an absolute dog for gaming..... Even the lowest end recent esports titles will struggle on it. 32 Bit Windows won't help either.

Could it work (as in actually function), unlikely, that adapter is made for storage not video output. But lets say for arguments sake it works, it will be a lot of money for your stuff to run like garbage.