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How To Turn On The Color Filter In The Windows 10 System

Microsoft has been working very hard to try and make its products useful for a wider audience. In this quest they have improved their “Ease of Access” menu to better help those with some kind of physical difficulty to use a computer. Read on and follow the simple steps of this tutorial to ignite the color filter on your computer and enjoy Windows 10 even more.

Step 1
Go to the “Ease of Access” menu

Enter the “Settings” menu on Windows 10 by typing “Settings” on the search bar of your Start menu. A pop-up screen with various options will appear, from them, choose the “Ease of Access” one.

Step 2
Go to the “Color filters” menu

On the left side of your screen you will see a menu called “Color Filters” Click on it and the right side of your screen will populate with all the options to customize them.

Step 3
Turn on the color filter

On the top part of your screen you will find a slider switch that indicates weather the color filter is on or off. Slide it to the right side and it will automatically engage. Beneath, you can change your type of color filter and choose between inverted (shown below), gray scale and inverted gray scale. Also, for this version of Windows 10 there are more options for particular visual impediments.

These improvements on the Ease of Use menu make Windows 10 a better tool for a wider audience; well done for Microsoft!
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