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How To Turn On The Magnifier In Windows 10

Using Windows for those who have limited capabilities should not be different than for those with all no physical impedances. Windows 10 has improved the “Ease of Use” menu and the Magnifier in particular to address this issue responsibly. Follow these steps, open the magnifying glass and enjoy Windows 10.

Step 1
Open the “Ease of Access” menu

Open the Settings menu on your Windows 10 from the Start menu or otherwise just type “Settings” on the search bar of your Start menu. A pop up screen will appear, choose the “Ease of Access” menu from it.

Step 2
Go to the “Magnifier” menu
The option in the menu on your left called “magnifier” will allow you to change the settings for it and turn it on or off; go to that menu.

Step 3
Turn on the magnifier

On top of the menu you will find a toggle bar under the name “Turn on Magnifier”; click on it to turn it on.

Below it, you will find many options to fine-tune your selection and another one that states, “Start Magnifier after sign in”. If you want the Magnifier app to be on at all times, turn that on and next time you start your session in Windows 10, the magnifier will automatically appear on your screen.

For those who need it to log in too, the next option “Start Magnifier automatically before login for all users” will allow you to sign in with the aid of the Magnifier App since you start your computer.

Windows “Ease of Use” menu has changed a lot and for the better according to most users. A great example of it is the “Enable bitmap smoothing” option that prevents pixilation when zooming in.
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