[SOLVED] How to Underclock my GPU/reduce preformance?

Mar 24, 2019
I have 1660ti (pretty much locked gpu). I've watched some yt videos, they said reduce core voltage slider, but it doesn't go below 0, to minus figures. Core clock and memory clock went in the minus, but I didn't see any reduction in performance (no less fps). Though, I don't want to harm my gpu. Please help, there are reasons I want to reduce performance.
Reducing clock speeds should auto-reduce voltage. Other than that you would have to modify and flash a custom bios which would void your warranty.

If you didn't see any reduction in performance then you are not GPU limited.

Please list full system specs and the game you were playing.

What resolution are you playing in?


Are you ignoring the advice in this thread https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/is-foxins-800w-psu-good-enough.3478548/ ?

If you are, your next post will probably be "my computer is not starting and my video card is damaged". Trying to lower power draw on the video card won't change fact that you have a horrible quality power supply. That power supply is outright lying about the power it can put out, it is at best, under the most ideal temps and load situations a 500 watt one, and with the cheap parts, the real world use is probably 400. As others have said, you would not use this thing to run a lamp if you liked that lamp.

Spend $40-50-60 on a good quality power supply and enjoy your new video card.
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