[SOLVED] How to undervolt with B450M Steel Legend using VCore Offset Voltage

May 3, 2022
I want to undervolt my Ryzen 2700X by -0.050 V using B450M Steel Legend.

In VCore Offset Voltage, a positive value (it gets blue) means an undervolt? A negative value (it gets red) means an overvolt? With a MSI mobo I would select "offset mode mark" as minus and put 0.05 in "offset voltage", but this Asrock mobo is confusing.

I tested using 50 mV and -50 mV, and I'm still getting 1.5V max voltage when idle, but in MSI B450 Tomahawk I would get 1.45V max voltage.
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Negative = undervolt.

You'll see the same max voltage because of precision boost, but the frequency will be higher.

1.45-1.5V will correspond to the single core boost frequency.