News How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 or 10


Sep 12, 2009
Or, you could just keep it and use it in the case of an emergency. Want to download Chrome? Use Edge (Or, even, IE11).

I SERIOUSLY suggest that no-one removes Edge. It's hardly an issue when it comes to storage etc. Heck, if you're that worried about resources, look into which services you can set to manual or disabled. I use IE11, Edge and Opera.
Concur with above!

There are really zero reasons for completely removing Edge, or suggesting it as some sort of 'tech tip'; if your current browser suddenly bites the bullet with a bug/update-induced compatibility issue, do you really want to be in a 'I can't connect to anything!' state, with no browser at all, and, now no way to resolve it?

(Lots of download links specifically attempt to open Edge vice the currently used browser for whatever reason)
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Dec 17, 2013
"How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 or 10"

Just set your favorite browser as the default and unpin Edge from your taskbar, desktop, or start menu.
There is no need to mess with your system and run the risk of breaking apps that happen to be web-based, but don't include their own web engine (like how Steam used to rely on IE before switching to WebKit).
Not to mention the mess you'll be in if your browser of choice ever stops working. Good luck redownloading the installer without a functioning browser.


Jan 27, 2014
This is stupid. Don't uninstall Edge. It's not hurting anything by being there. It's integrated into Windows and you may run into issues if you uninstall it. I don't think you should uninstall anything using the method shown here. Maybe Tom's Hardware should stick to hardware.
May 21, 2021
Congratulations for the tip, the Edge consumes ram disabled, I'm going to remove this uselessness from my system


Win 10 Master
Unless they change it before release, making anything default in win 11 is a pain right now. No simple way like in 10. No one button replace default choice yet. They don't want to make it easy to replace Edge

40mb is hardly massive, I doubt you notice its there or not there. It is likely that isn't total usage, just what it shows.

removing it is likely easier than replacing it is.


The funny thing is that Edge has now been rock solid and Chrome has cause reliability problems even they both use same base engine…
Lets see how long it remains to be so, but just now edge does have edge over Chrome… i was more than surpriced to find that out.


May 23, 2015
Want to uninstall the fastest benchmarked Windows browser? We'll write an article for you. I personally use FireFox but keep edge for website compatibility issues. It's running on chromium now so it would render the same as chrome. But every benchmark I've seen over the last year or two has shown the new edge browser to be at the top. No reason not to use it.


Jul 17, 2018
The funny thing is that Edge has now been rock solid and Chrome has cause reliability problems even they both use same base engine…
Lets see how long it remains to be so, but just now edge does have edge over Chrome… i was more than surpriced to find that out.
I'm with you for this one. I use Edge as my daily go-to browser, and have been for years. Started back when I first installed Windows 10, then a pressing work-related stuff came knocking. It was so urgent I didn't have time to install another browser (Firefox was my choice back then), I logged in to my accounts using Edge and began days of intensive balls to the walls work. When it was done I already set up so much thing on Edge I was too lazy to install another browser, I told myself "I'll install firefox tomorrow" but ended up simply using Edge as it's competent enough for my needs.

It seems to be lighter too than Chrome or Firefox, so that's a bonus. I still have Firefox as a backup though, sometimes sites just don't work well with Edge for some reason
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Win 10 Master
I seem to use everything apart from Edge. I normally used Chrome since its on my phone as well and just made it easier. I then found an odd bug in Youtube and decided to swap to FIrefox in the last few weeks to try to avoid bug. It happens in FIrefox as well so I assume its Youtube now. And I probably get problem in any browser so I could swap back but I am getting used to FF again.

Unless windows 11 makes it easier to swap defaults (the choose app choice currently doesn't exist, YOu can't just choose a list of browsers to set, you have to do it by file type) more people will get used to it unless they find this article first and remove edge and have no way to replace it.

only way I have diffreent defaults now is cause I updated from 10. I hope they add that choice as I really don't like not being able to set a default myself. I assume there is a way to do it via a batch file.
Sep 7, 2021
I respect all the people that say don't do it--but my computer is mine, I'm entitled to remove edge if I want to. For all those that want a batch file (because its simpler)

no need to look up the version. that's a pain. just run this.
script will :
-- only run as administrator
-- work on any version of edge as long as the setup.exe exists
-- will communicate when it starts the uninstaller, finishes OR did not run

use at your own risk, there are no backups or undos. do your own.

@echo off
REM save code as kill-edge.bat form notepad; then close file, right and run as administrator.
net session >nul 2>&1
if errorlevel 1 echo this script must be run as administrator&pause&exit
set "noop=1"&for /f "tokens=4,*" %%a in ('dir ^/ad "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application"') do if exist "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application\%%b\Installer\setup.exe" echo Begin uninstall&cd "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application\%%b\Installer"&setup --uninstall --force-uninstall --system-level&echo uninstall finished&set "noop=0"
if "%noop%" equ "1" echo.&echo error: microsoft edge setup tool not found.&echo no changes made, exiting&echo.


Jun 19, 2020
If you dislike Edge enough to banish it entirely from your system, there's a way to uninstall it.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 or 10 : Read more
That just feels extraordinarly satisfying, just like squeezing a really big fat ugly pimple that's been bothering you for ages...

On a personal computer there can only be one person in charge, the owner. If that turns out to be an iSlave, that's fine, they get themselves indentured of their own free will.

But this creeping and slavish copying of all-things-[bad-]Apple on PCs needs to be exorcised completely: Neither software nor hardware purchases may constrain owner choice, every bundled app needs to be an optional install, all data feeds need to be off by default.