News How to Unlock Cyberpunk 2077’s Cinematic RTX Mode

This sets the shortcut to launch Cyberpunk 2077 in the game’s pre-existing “Cinematic RTX” mode, which pumps up lighting, ambient occlusion and level of detail at the cost of 2GB extra VRAM usage.
The changes to lighting effects appear to be relatively subtle based on the screenshots, but the improved level of geometry detail appears more noticeable. Flipping back and forth between the full-size screenshots at Nexus Mods, you can clearly see that many object models are replaced with much higher-quality versions with that enabled. As one of the more noticeable examples, the chinese lanterns in that night shot go from being very polygonal at ultra/psycho settings, to being smoothly curved with the cinematic settings. And many other objects gain significant details, at least at that viewing distance.

I suspect that the "Cinematic" setting enables those improved LOD models without the RTX. And the "CinematicEXR" settings add HDR. I'm curious how each of these settings might effect VRAM usage and performance in general on different cards. They show the "Cinematic RTX" mode increasing VRAM usage by around 2.3 to 2.6GB at 3440x1440 in those screenshots, and that seems like something that might cripple performance on a lot of today's cards. Perhaps they plan to expose these settings in-game once the version enhanced for next-gen consoles goes live.
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All these settings leave me with a question
Do people with the ps4 pro and xbox one x also have the horrible experience or is it limited to the base versions of those consoles?
I watched a comparison video by DigitalFoundry, and it looks like the pro/x models did improve at least some things. Primarily, the resolution appears to be a lot more bearable, and drops in frame rate were not quite as bad. They also encountered the game freezing up for as long as a minute at a time on the base model Xbox One, sometimes resulting in a crash, and it didn't sound like that was an issue on the improved consoles...


While not related to the current console versions of the game, they also did an interesting video taking a closer look at just what effect the raytraced lighting options can have on visuals when enabled...

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