[SOLVED] How to update my Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Bios Update without battery ?

May 24, 2020
I want to update my laptops bios. but my laptop battery has died on me... and rn i cannot replace the battery, because i cant afford to do so. can someone help me with a guide to update bios without battery.
My laptops battery was about to explode, it had swollen enough to put a dent on the back plastic lid.
so i had to remove the battery and dispose it, as it had started to vent and swell rapidly at the same time. luckily i was able to remove the battery without any accidents.
now since i have no battery at all in there.. i am unable to update its bios.. plus now im running into frequent driver issues and BSOD's which i suspect is due to my outdated BIOS.
can someone please guide me ?