How to upgrade a graphic card for a Dell Vostro200 desktop?


Dec 24, 2012
I have a five yr old Dell Vostro200.
I'm not well versed in computers so please excuse my ignorance but I can't seem to find an answer to this question.
I recently tried to download a program. The error read "It appears you have an old graphics card which is not capable of running this 3d program".
My question is...can I upgrade? I need the program for work but as I said it's 5 yrs old and can a novice (read ignorant) like me do it?
I tried Dell but my warranty has expired and googling the question but I'm lost.
Please be gentle. I realize I'm posting this question on a site where it seems most know a hell of a lot more than me.



Ok first download this free program and let us know your processor and amount of ram, the amount of ram would be under the memory tab write down the size and type.

Then under the graphics tab, write down the name of the video card under gpu name.

Then go to the mainboard tab, and write down the name of the manufacturer and model, all the way at the bottom it should also say what graphic interface version it has and link width.

Please post all of that information, so we can begin to help you properly.

Also could you post the name of the 3d program you are trying to run?