How to upgrade my current computer for cheap

Jun 2, 2018

The above link is my current rig of a computer.

I want to be able to upgrade my computer to play league of legends at 75 fps with no issues even during teamfights.

This computer is too slow for me to do anything and I don't know the optimal upgrade for this. I would like to about $100 in upgrades if I can.
I know it is either the processor or the video card.
I can go 120 fps on this until I start teamfights or duel. It drops to an unbearable 30 fps. It also sucks at computer tasks too. What can I do to this rig for cheap in order to play lol at 75 fps smoothly?


Jun 25, 2016
The cheaspest you can do is an AMD vega 2200g with a new motherboard and 8gb of ddr4 RAM which would cost around $230. You can also buy used if your budget is super tight, but I don't suggest it. You could also get a new gt 1030.
If you want to upgrade your current righ without new hardware this is about as good as you can do.

CPU wise I think the best you can get with that motherboard would be one of the Athlon X4 860K/870K/880K. You may want to double check. I found this on another forum thread by user spdragoo:

That being said, an A4-7300 is kind of weak, being a dual-core chip (or, more technically, a 1C/2T CPU). So there are plenty of 2C/4T options you might have:
-- If your motherboard will only accept Socket FM2 chips, then at the least you should be able to go up to an A8-6500 or A10-6700. Although slightly slower (3.5GHz base for the A8 & 3.7GHz for the A10), their boost clocks are right on target with your current chip, & you'll gain the extra core/threads. If you can go full-power, I would go for the A8-6600K or A10-6800K, as they have higher base clocks & the option to potentially overclock.
-- If your motherboard can handle Socket FM2+ chips, at the very least go for the A10-7860K (comparable to the A8-6500, but uses the later Jaguar microarchitecture) if you're limited to 65W CPUs, or the A10-7850K/7890K CPUs if you can go full power.
-- If you're willing to consider buying a discrete GPU, you could also consider getting one of the Athlon X4 chips instead of an A8 or A10 chip. They're cheaper because the integrated graphics are disabled, but they provide the same CPU power. The X4 750 (65W) or 760K (100W) work for FM2 boards, with the X4 840 (65W) or 860K/870K/880K (95W) working for FM2+ boards.

As far as GPU even a GT1030 would be a big improvement. 100 dollars is not alot to put towards upgrades though. You might look around for a used 750ti which are still good cards even if they are old, and massively better then what you have.