How to use 2 different Internet connections on Windows 10?


Mar 12, 2016
Hello everyone

I'm on windows 10 and yes I've heard about ForceBind IP but sadly it doesn't work on Windows 10, at least for me.

So I have 2 internet connections, 1 is LAN 50/50mbps and other is iPhone tethered personal hotspot 8/5mbps

I want the LAN connection ONLY for livestreaming and I'm able to do so in OBS advanced settings and bind the IP. But if I enable both internet connections Windows 10 assumes the LAN connection as primary and iPhone hotspot as secondary although both are shown as different LAN connections.

Is there any way to make my computer understand/believe that the iPhone hotspot is my primary and main internet connection and it should use that everywhere including Browsers and Steam Games and do not use the secondary 50/50mbps internet connection unless an application is forced to do so.

I've tried disabling one of the connections and enabling it while I'm midgame but the game just freezes due to IP change and won't do anything unless I disable the connection again or quit the game and launch it again and then it uses the LAN connection as the primary connection.

Thank you in advance for all the responses