Question How to use a Raspberry Pi as a NAS system ?


Feb 6, 2018
Hi all,
I have just found out about the Raspberry Pi 4
I am looking at maybe turning it into a NAS system.
I have 8 PCs all running windows 10.
I have 2 X 10TB external USB3.2 hard drives
Attached to my router.
This works as my NAS system at the moment.
It is a 1 gigabit ethernet system using unmanaged Netgear switches
So, I have all the infrastructure here for running the network.
I would like to connect a Raspberry Pi 4
To the Netgear switch then take the 2 drives on the router and attach them to the Raspberry Pi 4.
I don’t know if Raspberry Pi 4 is the best model for this Job?
I am unsure which OS would be best for this job?
I could do with somebody to run through from beginning to end in which way to go with this plan?
In the meantime I will go and read up on the Raspberry Pi !
Thank You..


May 18, 2019
My experience has been that it is unlikely you're going to find someone to help "beginning to end" but you will find an individual who will get you from A to B, then another from B to C, etc. You might have to get from G to H on your own.

If you're trying to find the optimal cost/benefit, you're probably already there.

That said, there is that intangible feeling of understanding, in depth, the system. I encourage you to do that so that someday you may help someone get from D to E.

I lack the depth of knowledge on which OS to use, but I'd recommend starting with the NOOB (new out of box) OS that comes with the RPi. I have little doubt that you can find all the software you need to make your NAS functional but probably not optimal. You then have sufficient knowledge on what is required to try when you investigate another OS.

Sometimes, no, often times, you'll find that you can't get to F from E and you have to go back to C.

I hope that this missive and NOOBs gets you from A to A.01. Note the subtle advice here, use versions. Use FileSaveAs a lot and give your file names increasing indicators. (In my project, I'm on 1.19, but have found it doesn't work and I don't know where I went wrong. So I'll abandoned 1.19 and go back to 1.18 by saving it as 1.20 and start messing with 1.20. Read up on version control, too.)

Document your code. Those little gray cells get lost, old and obsolete. (obsolete does not mean non-functional.)

Have a good journey.

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