How to use freesync?


Oct 13, 2016
How do I fully utilize freesync? I have it on in my monitor settings and my graphics card settings. I have a rx 470 and my monitor is the lg 24mp59g. I ran it with hdmi at first as I didn't have DisplayPort at the time and the 60-75hz didn't make any difference for me. I switched to DisplayPort and now it seems smoother but the screen tearing is just terrible in playerunknowns battlegrounds. I read some posts saying turn vsync on so I did. The game still has tearing but not really as much I guess but still kinda often. Also now I'm buildings my fps drops to like 50's and stuttering is insane. I'd rather play with vsync off to get more smooth gameplay in exchange for more tearing. In my graphic card settings I capped the fps at 75 to keep it in freesync range. I also turned everything on very low and went up on some settings from there to see where I can naturally get 75 fps so I get the best eye candy game with the same fps. How do I know if freesync is even working? Literally all links I find to the windmill test is dead.


Nov 6, 2015
Windmill Demo :

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Cap your fps to 73 or 72 using FRTC for some reason when i use RTSS beta 26 i get tearing at the bottom of the screen as well. Used FRTC for capping issue is gone.One thing to note is when you run the demo disable vsync and enable test pattern.If you see any kind of stutter or a single hitch even it i looks smooth for a second reinstall drivers for your GPU and monitor also check if you enabled free sync on your monitor sometimes people forget to enable it both sides. Best game to test are the hitman games they have the worst screen tearing there is. As for game compatibility if it works on dying light enhanced edition for you it works almost anywhere assuming you have those games.