[SOLVED] How to use Linksys E2500 in Wireless Bridge Mode


Aug 30, 2015
I want to provide LAN connectivity to 3 devices in a room where there is no Ethernet available but there is WiFi. I bought a Linksys E2500 v3 router hoping to connect that to my primary modem+router in Wireless Bridge mode.

But on the admin page I only see a Bridge mode but no wireless bridge mode. Is that not supported on this version of Linksys router? I also didn't see a DD-WRT binary for v3 (only has for v1 and v2).

Am I out of luck then? Thanks.
There is Tomato for it. As it's a MIPSel CPU, by far the most stable version is going to be the E2500v3 specific 1.32.

Just set the Wifi mode to "Wireless Client" and enter the SSID you wish to connect to.
And change the IP address from default.
Note this is double-NAT so IPv6 is unlikely to work

Tomato's "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" mode puts everything on the same subnet and lets the gateway perform all DHCP so IPv6 might work that way.
Without reading the manual I can't say for sure. What you need is a feature called client-bridge. Many routers that can run as repeater have this function. It has become somewhat more common feature and is purely software so maybe the newest factory firmware has it. If you can not load third party firmware you are pretty much stuck with whatever abilities the device has from the vendor.

You can get a outdoor bridge from ubiquiti for about $50. Outdoor stuff works fine indoors but be sure to pick the proper frequency they are not dual band.