Question How to use Macbook Air 128 GB SSD in desktop system?

Jan 21, 2022
I have Macbook Air 2017. I have upgraded SSD from 128 GB to 500 GB. I have installed it and it is working well.

Now I have macbook air's original 128GB SSD as spare. I want to use it for my desktop windows system. Desktop has Gigabyte Z97-UD3H-BK motherboard which has SSD/NVMe slot.

Here I have some queries, as:
  1. How can I use that 128 GB SSD for desktop windows system?
  2. Will I need any connector between desktop system's motherboard's SSD slot and 128 GB SSD?
  3. Or can I use it directly on motherboard to setup?
  4. How can we do 2 partitions of 128 GB SSD as we can do on windows system?

Please suggest me. Thanks a lot.
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