Aug 15, 2009
Hey Ive unlocked the cores in my Phenom II x2 550 3.1Ghz , Now its a Phenom II x4 B50 3.1Ghz

Im not planning to do any overclocking. ( just unlocking )

Alot of people have told me that the stock heatsink and fan that comes with the CPU will have no problems running the 550
as a B50. So I want to run a test for 8 hours of prime95.

How do I set prime95 up so it does a test for a full 8 hours? I want to test the cpu to see if the 4 cores are stable.

BTW The computer has crashed about 3 times, is this because I need to increase the voltage? If so how much and is there a program that can do it within windows? or is it better to run it in the bios.

also amd overdrive doesn't work on my computer for some reason something about 7 series.

I am currently running at 1.3volts I THINK! but I am running the stock volts.

You CPU voltage is fine, have you tested your ram to make sure your timings and voltage are correct?

Don't use overdrive for now, first make sure your PC is stable enough to overclock.

Yes you can use the stock cooler as a B50 but make sure temps don't exceed 58/59c if you plan on overclocking..