Question How to use quality of service in my router settings?

Jan 20, 2020
What are the Source and Destination devices? You need to use their respective IP addresses.

And any rules you create will become moot if the IP addresses change.

Router User Guide:

[ Note: Do verify that I found the correct User Guide.]

QoS configuration settings are presented beginning on Page 91.
How do I determine what devices are Source or Destination?


The two devices that you want/wish to be given priority with respect to network communications between the two.

Source being where the data originates. Destination being where the data is going.

For example: if you have four computers/devices - A, B, C, and D

And you want A's and D's network communications to be given priority over all other network communications then you would use the IP addresses for A and D.

You could for example, set up rules to give your computer priority with respect to traffic between it and the router. Appears that you need to do so for upload (data from your computer) and download (data to your computer).

Plus those device IP addresses would need to be static (not changing). If either IP address changes the rule(s) becomes moot. The router is static.

Other router configuration settings would be necessary to establish a static IP address for your computer.

For the most part, QoS is minimal with respect to retail/home routers and you may actually not gain much with respect to performance.

And setting up QoS likely to make overall network management more cumbersome and problematic.

Read the User Guide and work through all of the router's admin screens to learn what you have and how the router is currently configured.

Do not make any deliberate changes and be careful not to accidently make a change.

Sketch out a map of your network and its' devices. Understanding the entire network is very important.
Jan 20, 2020
I tried putting my computer's local IP into source and destination, and I didn't see any improvement. Would changing the dscp class do anything? Or going between upstream and downstream?