How to use Quicksync??


Jan 24, 2013

I have searched through the forums and I haven't found any answer for this. Sorry my English is bad

Anyway, I was watching the video that you could use the onboard video for converting videos while the pc being connected to the graphic card, am i correct ?

my motherboard is gigabyte z77m-d3h, graphic card: hd6570 (bad I know) and i7 3770. So first what I did, since I didnt know what I was doing, was connect the monitor to the motherboard, and then i selected on my bios "init display first: igfx", and "internal graphics: enable".

ok, after that I installed hd4000 drivers, then virtu, and then media converter, just as the video. but I dont know why the conversion of a video was really slow.... slower than when using the graphic card....

later i plugged my monitor to the graphic card, and i selected on the bios (init display first: pci) and then I followed this tutorial: ,, and again, when I convert the same video, it takes only 25 seconds with my video card, but 50 using quicksync...

what am i doing wrong?

I noticed because of these changes, my pc is a bit slower

pls help :(