How To How To Use The Keychain Access Password Manager On Your Mac System

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Ruchi Bhargava

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Sep 11, 2019

Mac has an extensive range of advanced security, storage display, personalization settings for the users. The navigation options are kept simple for the benefit of the users. Sometimes, it might be difficult to remember all the passwords for different websites and applications. The Keychain Access application would help you. Users can use the keychain access password manager to view the passwords of the various applications just by knowing your Mac password. Here is how you can use the keychain access password manager effectively on the Mac system.

Step 1
Press the ‘command’ + ‘space bar’ button

Firstly, press the ‘command’ + ‘space bar’ keys simultaneously as shown in the below pic to access the spotlight option.

Step 2
Type ‘Keychain Access’ in spotlight search and click the ‘Keychain Access’ option

Use the spotlight search to search the required setting or application on your Mac system. ‘Type Keychain Access’ in the spotlight search option to locate the password manager. From the spotlight search results, click the ‘Keychain Access’ option to open the password manager of Mac.

Step 3
Click the ‘Passwords’ option

In the ‘Keychain Access’ window, you will find options to view the keys, passwords, certificates, secure notes, Sophos, etc. Here, click the ‘Passwords’ option to view the different account passwords on your Mac system.

Step 4
Click the ‘Application’

Once you click the ‘Passwords’ option, you can see a list of applications for which you have created passwords. ‘Click the Application’ from the list that gets displayed to determine the password for that specific application. Here, the ‘Evernote’ application is chosen.

Step 5
Click the ‘Attributes’ tab

When the ‘Keychain Access’ window of the chosen application opens, click the ‘Attributes’ tab as shown in the below pic.

Step 6[b/]
Click the ‘Show password’ option

When you click the ‘Attributes’ tab, you will notice details like name, account and password related details of the chosen application (Here, Evernote is the application). ‘Click the Show password’ to view the password that you created for the Evernote application.

Step 7
Enter your ‘Mac’ password and click ‘Allow’

Now, Enter your Mac password in the space provided for verification purposes. Then, click the ‘Allow’ button as shown below to know the password of the chosen application.

Step 8
The password gets displayed
Password of the chosen application gets displayed under the ‘attributes’ tab as shown in the below image.

‘You can now use the keychain access password manager to view the passwords of the various websites or applications that you have created by following the above steps’
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