Question How to use "the other 4 DIMM slots" on Asus X299 Prime-A?

Nov 13, 2020
Hi there,

I tripped my electric the other day and ever since then i've had a problem with one of the DIMM slots on my board (or maybe it's the CPU, i don't know).

The board has 4 light grey and 4 dark grey slots, and as per the manual i've been using the 4 light grey slots up till now, but this problem makes me want to use the 4 dark grey slots instead so that i can 1) know that it's a problem with a particular slot and 2) be able to use all of my RAM.

Does anyone know how to do this? Sticking the memory in the dark grey slots doesn't work as it's just not registered (unless 5 of my slots have gone...).

The manual doesn't help, i can't seem to find info online about it, nor can i see any setting in the BIOS that would assist.

Any advice would be fab!