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How To Use The Touch ID On A Macbook Pro

Login into your MacBook Pro utilizing your fingerprint can make you save a lot of time and also will allow you to enhance your computer´s security (no password is as safe as your fingerprint). Read on, follow these simple steps and make your MacBook Pro even more secure.

Step 1
Access the “System Preferences” menu

By clicking on the “Apple” on the top left side of your screen, you will access a drop-down menu with several options. From them you have to choose the one under the name of “System Preferences” by clicking on it.

Step 2
Choose the “Touch ID” option

By clicking on the “Touch ID” icon from all the options you´ll get, you´ll be able to enter the sub menu to manage the Touch ID of your MacBook Pro.

Step 3
Choose your permissions and add a new fingerprint to the system

On the lower-center part of the menu you will find the different options you can manage with your fingerprint. By clicking on the boxes, you can check or uncheck them, granting or forbidding access with your fingerprint.

Step 4
By clicking on the “plus symbol” on the left side of your screen, you will be able to input a new fingerprint to the system.

Step 5
Follow system indications

Your MacBook Pro is going to ask you to put down and lift your fingerprint on the sensor until it can fully capture all its details.

Step 6
Follow system indications

You will notice that the fingerprint on the right side that was originally white will increasingly turn red as the system captures your entire information. At the end you will get a message saying, “Your fingerprint can be used to unlock your Mac” and the “Done” button will turn blue.

Step 7
Name different fingerprints for different people

If more than one user is going to be working on the MacBook Pro, you can add a fingerprint for each. Simply repeat the above procedure for each and then click on the field that says “Finger 1” or “Finger 2” and rename it.

Step 8
Remove users who no longer need access

  • By clicking on the small cross on the top left side of each fingerprint, you can remove any user who will no longer need access.

  • When the system asks if you are sure, just click on “Delete”. If later on you want to add him or her once again, just repeat the process for adding a fingerprint.

This simple tutorial will take you only a few minutes to complete and will drastically save you time and enhance your security.
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