Question How to use usb extension


Apr 10, 2009
Hello, I am using a usb extension cable, after connection done the connector metal are exposed, if I on the power and accidentally touch the metal area, will I be electrocuted or any burn of skin or danger to health?

If objects (e.g. other cable rubber or metal areas) are accidentally touching the metal area would there be any problem?

Is there a need to wrap, or can I wrap the metal area with masking/duct tape?

Does the sliver shiny exposed metal (seen in photo) carry any electricity? Or only the interior four gold parallel strips have electricity?

(add info: USB extension one end is connected to power socket charger adapter head, the other end is connected to USB cable to a clip-on fan)

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No, you won't be electrocuted or get burned. The metal housing is connected to ground and the only live wire is in the connector. It's also at a low voltage anyway, which can't conduct through skin unless it was wet or something.

To put in perspective, a lot of electronic devices with a metal housing has the housing connected to ground in case the live wire is shorting to the chassis. This allows the current to go through the chassis and ground instead of you.