How to use wireless broadband as wired LAN


Apr 26, 2012
I have a modem which i use wirelessly by a router.
Could u please tell me how to use it as a wired connection.I tried unplugging the ethernet cable from my router and plugging it into my laptop but my laptop recognized it as a different network connection itself.

To access internet i must first login at my ISP' website.After i connected the ethernet cable i tried accessing the net but it wouldnt redirect me, i kept experimenting and finally got there but once i logged in it said the user is already logged in and some usage restriction crap.

Please help me im open to all advice and comments

Thanks in advance.
What cable did you unplug? Was it the one going to the modem? Sounds like you need to check with your ISP, seems like you can only log onto one computer at a time.

You need to use an ethernet cable plugged into one of the regular LAN ports in the router, not the WAN port.