How TO Wipe HDD Clean and Install Vista Fresh?


May 31, 2008

I have a legal copy of 32 bit Vista I purchased some 1.5 years back. I installed it on my previous machine but it got burnt due to lightning.. I want to install Vista on my Laptop. The configuration is

Intel Celeron M processor 440 @ 1.86 MHZ

I currently run Win XP and Ubuntu Dual Boot... I want to wipe my HDD clean and start again...

My questions are the following

1. How do I wipe the entire HDD? Is there any software I can use which I can burn to CD or something like that?

2. Will Vista be very slow on my computer? I have a home premium version.

3. I will be doing web browsing, word processing and online transactions using my system... Do I need to upgrade to WIN 7?

4. I was planning for a new computer. But I think it might be a waste of money since my current activities run fine under my current XP set up.. Some apps seem to be slow, but will it crawl in WIN Vista? SOme softwares I need to use require .NET 3.5 to run.. They are not high end softwares and run OK under my current set up.

Do you think upgrading my RAM will be good??? I already upgraded it from 1GB to 2GB. Mine is a Compaq 3000 Laptop.

I was think og going the LINUX path, but sadly most softwares which I require doesnt work on linux...