How well Should this computer play Crysis or FarCry 2?



How well should this computer play Crysis or FarCry 2 on all Max? like FPS, stability ect...

- 700W ATX12V v2.2 Rocketfish PSU
- Raidmax Sagitta 2 Mid Size Tower w/ 3 120MM fans
- ASRock A780GXE/128M 2 x PCI e x16, AM2/AM2+ Mobo
- 8.00GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 Memory
- AMD Phenom II 940 3.0Ghz AM2+ CPU w/ Thermaltake SpinQ heatsink
- Crossfire 2 x ATI XFX HD4850 512MB GPU
- 1TB WD Cavair Black 7200rpm 32MB Cache Harddrive
- 2 x Sony DVD/RW 24x
- Acer P201w 1680x1050 Monitor



4850's are less powerful than the 4890's. I think you were thinking about the 5850's being more powerful.


Jun 3, 2009
i have the exact same as you, except only one 4850 (upping to a 5870), 4gb 1066mhz ram (not much of a difference), and my 940 is oc'd to 3.5. i get about 20-25fps on crysis with max settings, and around 30 on crysis warhead with max. Id say youd get about 10-15 more


Aug 28, 2009
MEDIUM??? Duuuudeee... 1680x1050 will be playable with Very High and some AA. Above will get slightly choppy. But MEDIUM? How misinformed are you dude? My friend's 9600GT plays it on High no problems and he has a petty 5000+.

I play @ 1680x1050 and with all settings on high (Enthusiast) Crysis Warhead no xAA I can get anything between low 40's to high 80s depending on if I am in battle blowing everything up or just looking at a tree with no action whatsoever. Now that does not mean that it won't get choppy here n there, the 9600GT on a +5000 cannot do Crysis on High with out some lag here n there, it just happens.....

I play at 3.8Ghz with a GTX 260 slightly overclocked and I still lag, just like when I play GTA4.... You need a monster of a PC to play a smooth game of that type....