[SOLVED] How will future games, running UE5, affect current hardware and current performance goals?


Aug 15, 2011
Example- Say my goal is gaming @1440P , 144Mhz, at High/Ultra settings. I do lots of homework and arrive at a complete build for those goals I just stated.

Then the build planned is based on current game requirements and a little awareness of requirements for maybe 2 years lets say.

Now with many future games, that will be running on the Unreal Engine 5, What changes should be made in order to run the said games at the original goals ??(1440P-144Mhz-High/Ultra

settings) I re-word the question many different ways however when searching for answers, all I get are the hardware requirements for the engine itself (developers etc)

When investigating those games that will be running on the UE5, I get conflicting results!

Examples being- Very CPU heavy-Very taxing on GPUs-Does not play nice with overclocking. Then I get info like Runs much smoother and faster- many more FPS etc

I am somewhat aware of a couple of cool things the engine will bring. Although my question should include "what will be better with UE5 AMD, Nivida, (GPUs) Intel, AMD (CPU's)?? , what

about Ray Tracing, DLSS, Bar?? etc etc I just need this first question answered so I may plan and continue to learn more :) Please and THANK YOU!!


Hold on, I have a reliable crystal ball I got from a gypsy fortune teller out in my shed, somewhere.

Basically what you are asking is how a Ryzen will behave and what performance gains or deficits can be expected, right after the release of the FX line of cpus.

What changes should be made to maintain the original goals? Tell me how a RTX4080 performs, how much more gain can be expected or proven over a 3080. 13th Gen intel? Am5? The UE5 engine is one thing, the games really haven't been written yet, no idea on the complexity or optimization of the games, no idea of how well that'll run with future components, that's all part of the equation and it's impossible to get a real numeral from an imaginary number.