Question How works the storage of Ubuntu if installed on a pen drive USB?

Oct 25, 2020
I'have installed Ubuntu on a pen drive USB of 32 GB, but I'm inexperienced (I have windows 10 in internal SSD) so I have a few questions:
1- Is there a drop of performance instead of installing it in the internal SSD?
2- Where do the files created with Ubuntu are saved? On the pen drive of 32 GB or in the internal SSD where windows is installed?
3- When using ubuntu, can I get the files of windows?
4- I think now I have still the Live version, because when I start Ubuntu it gives me 2 options "Install" and "Try Ubuntu", so what changes if I install it (always in terms of storage)?
Thanks all!
1 yes usb pen drives are a lot slower than ssd.
2. Nowhere, anything you do is lost.
You can create a persistent file, some utilities that "burn" isos to usb have this option. Then anything you do will be written into that file and will be kept save.
3 yes, you can get windows files and files from anything else that linux has a filesystem for.